Maintaining your Driveway Paving Like a Pro

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Driveway Paving Maintenance

A driveway paving is usually the entrance to your abode and it is a top priority to make it appealing and very pleasant to the eyes. It is one of the first things that can be visibly seen from the outside of your property. Having a great house, with an unmaintained paving will make passers-by judge you without even seeing the insides of your house. There are various ways of maintaining a driveway paving - this will amaze your visitors:


Moss, weeds, and algae should never be allowed to grow on the paving driveway. Keep the paving clean and dry. You can always use pesticides to kill the stubborn ones.

Manual brushing is more effective when it comes to dealing with weeds. Clean the paving surfaces every day with a stiff broom, and brush them with detergent at least thrice a week.

Pressure cleaning the driveway should do the work too.


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Stains and spills are the usual problems with paving. The usual suspects are gasoline, oil, and grease stain. Remove them immediately before they dry up. If they become dry, you can always use cleaning chemicals to remove them.

Pay attention to the drainage points. Be sure they are not clogged and water can run on them without much problem.

Re-sand, re-sand, re-sand with paving sand. Re-compact if necessary. Keep those joints fill with sand.


Paving sealers are your best friends as they continually protect your driveway.



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