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We are Garden Wall Experts

We at Paving Newcastle are experts in building garden walls. There is nothing you can ask us that would ever be too big or too small for us. We always aim to achieve the best result you could dream of.

Garden walls are a nice touch to add to your garden or the outside of your home. You can build a garden wall to frame the edge of your garden, to give a nice touch to the look of your home or even to make a separate area to put in plants or shrubs.

The thing about garden wall is that once you have it built it's going to stay there for quite a long time. With proper maintenance it can beautify your garden and outside environment for a lifetime.

What you Need to Know about Garden Walls

Garden walls provide a vital advantage that primarily benefits your garden plants. It stands like a plant shelter which can raise the ambient temperature of your garden by several degrees. This would help create a microclimate which allows certain plants that are not acclimated to the local weather to survive.

Gardens should be protected from sudden changes in weather conditions and harsh winds. Ideally, garden walls should be constructed from stone or brick as it helps in absorbing solar heat and slowly releasing it to raise the temperature against the wall. It allows peaches, nectarines, and grapes to grow, which have over 2000 species growing in varying climate zones.

Garden Wall Services in Newcastle upon Tyne

Paving Newcastle offers a wide range of garden wall supplies and services. We guarantee that you will find the best style and technique that would fit your specific budget. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a brick, sandstone, granite or whatever garden wall look that you desire, we at Paving Newcastle will work things out for you.

Call us and get a free quote and advice on how to attain the most suitable wall that your garden requires.

We are experts at this kind of work and there’s nothing you can ask us that would ever be too big or too small for us. We will definitely achieve the best result you could dream of.


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