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Your paving is often the first thing people see when they come to your home. Because of this, a well done block paving job is a great way to make the outside of your home look neat, clean and finished.

What is Block Paving?

Block paving is applied to enhance the look and quality of driveways patios, pavements, town centres and road surfaces. The paving slabs or blocks used in the process are commonly made out of concrete, clay and other composite materials. These materials have their own means of construction suited for particular types of surfaces. Block paving is hard wearing, good looking, long lasting and tidy.

Block Paving Patterns and Designs

There are plenty of laying patterns which can be accomplished using block paving. The most commonly used pattern is the herringbone pattern. The Herringbone pattern offers the most durable pattern among block paving bonds. It provides the most interlocked design, making it the best choice for driveways and road surfacing. Other popular types of patterns are the stretcher bond and the basket weave, which are naturally suited for areas with light to moderate foot traffic.

We also offer other set of block paving patterns such as the rustic deco blocks design embedded with rare charms and the distinctive streamlined shape for a smart contemporary look. We have a wide range of block paving patterns and designs in varying shapes, colours and finishes built to suit any house type, outdoor environment and budget preferences.

Block Paving Services in Newcastle Upon Tyne

We are a local paving company offering block paving services in Newcastle upon Tyne. We will ask you what you want, and give you tips on which blocks to buy, what colour will work best, how the job should go and ask you each step of the way so that you get the look you always wanted. We'll even sand and seal your block paving for you to keep it looking newer and cleaner for longer, keeping it safe against bad weather as well as dust and dirt.

Well-done block paving will give your outside area or garden the style you want, fast and easy. So if you want a tidy, long lasting finish to your home, we can give you the block paving answers you need.


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