Seal your Driveway to Extend its Life: Here’s How to Get Everything Ready

byadmin| september 28, 2016 | driveway paving

How to Seal your Driveway

Applying sealants on your driveway paving is a great process to protect it from various elements, especially on punishing times when winter is coming. Your driveway paving is an investment, thus it is the responsible thing to do take care of it at all cost. If done correctly, a sealed driveway can extend the lifespan of your pavement and improve the curb appeal and overall value of your home. But before you apply any sealant, it is crucial to prepare your driveway for the application or the entire process won't be as effective. Here’s an overview on how to get your driveway ready for the sealing process.

Scan the Area for Damaged Spots

Inspect every spot on your driveway. Take not of any stains, potholes, cracks or particular spots that are about to break. Check edges and the end of your driveway carefully as these are the common areas susceptible to damage.

Wash the Stains Out

Any stain that you find on your driveway should be removed. For grease or oil stains, you may remove it by using soapy water and scrub it off with stiff-bristle brush. If all else fails, you may use some cleaning products or degreaser specifically formulated to remove such stains.

Repair the Cracks


It is vital to repair cracks no matter how small they are. If left unattended it will grow wider and would become bigger potholes. There are numerous products to fill-in damaged cracks on your driveway - they are available in preformed rolls, caulking tubes or pourable liquids. The type of filling material to use depends on the condition of the crack.

Clean your Driveway


Before applying any sealant you need to thoroughly clean your driveway. You can use a push broom to sweep away heavier dirt. You can then use a garden hose or a pressure washer to rinse and get rid of any dirt, mud or sand. Start cleaning at the highest edge of the driveway and then work yourself down towards the lower edges of the driveway.

Apply the Appropriate Sealant

When everything is all cleaned up and prepared, it is then time to add the paving sealant. It is important that you are aware of the weather forecast before starting the paving process. The best day to apply sealants is on warmer and dryer weather. If it is raining or the temperature is too low, the sealant won't dry up and cure properly.

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Then make sure to find the appropriate sealant for your type of paving material. There are some sealants that are not compatible or may cause harsh effects on natural stones and concrete paving blocks. Also, applying thick layers of sealant is not advisable. It may look as if it may provide added protection, but it may lead to peeling and an ugly look on your surface. It is recommended to apply two thin layers with an interval on each application for drying time.



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